Please Help Us- Help Others

"I WAS IN PRISON AND YOU VISITED ME" ----- Matthew 25:36

Serve inside and outside Bertie Correctional Institute with fellow Kairos volunteers during three-day weekends as well as additional prayer and share events. We need volunteers to do this life changing ministry. Both men and women, lay and clergy, are invited to join us in this ministry.

Attend a Closing

Come to the Closing Ceremony on Sunday of the scheduled weekend and be a witness to the glorious work of the Holy Spirit.  You must submit an application and be approved to attend the Closing. 

Lives are being redeemed in one of the darkest places on earth – prisons.  It takes a virtual army of volunteers to be the hands and feet of Christ in this mission.  Some actually go into the prison for the 3-day event and some cook meals while many, many others contribute donations, posters, placemats, cookies, and write letters.  All can be in prayer.

Your contributions are part of God’s plan to bring the light of Christ into this very dark place.  Thank you for being willing to be in His plan.


From poster creation to place-mat decorating and letter writing, agape is integral to each Kairos weekend. Want to upload posters, notes or artwork for the community to use?  Please contact us on how you can help provide agape for the residents.

Sponsor an Inmate

You can help an inmate come heart to heart with the love of God by financially sponsoring him/her for the Kairos 3 day weekend.  It costs $200 per inmate or $1,200 per table family.  Families, reunion groups, and Sunday school classes can help sponsor an inmate into a new life – one based on Christ.

Need More Information?

We have speakers who are available to speak to your Sunday School class, church, or civic organization about the impact of Kairos ministry at Bertie Correctional Institute. Click on the  Applications Form tab and select BCI Contact Form On-line to request a speaker.


Please consider helping this vital ministry by making a financial  donation to Kairos Ministry