Bertie Prison

Windsor NC

 Bertie Correctional Institution is comprised of two facility units housing close and medium custody inmates. The close custody unit is a 1,000 single-cell unit. The medium custody unit is a 504-bed open dormitory. 

Bertie Correctional Institution opened in August 2006. The facility employs correctional officers, registered nurses, physicians, dentists, mental health providers, maintenance, case managers, program and administrative staff. Community volunteers assist the facility with religious and transitional opportunities for inmates. Education and vocational classes are provided by Martin Community College and East Carolina University. Case managers provide programs such as the inmate service club, AA, NA, CBI, in-cell studies, anger management, breaking the cycle, domestic violence, fatherhood parenting, etc. The facility reduced restrictive housing cells from 269 beds to 128 beds in 2016. 

The facility is operated under the unit management system and is separated into four units in the close custody unit, and is separated into two units in the medium custody unit. Close custody units are the Gray Unit, Red Unit, Blue Unit and Green Unit. The Gray Unit houses those inmates assigned to restrictive housing. The Red, Blue, and Green units house inmates assigned to regular and general population. The Blue Unit also houses inmates assigned to Regular Population Modified Housing. Medium custody regular population units are Tan 1 and Tan 2.